Black Caviar and Sparkling Wine Tour to Transnistria

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Caviar and champagne have long been considered a classic pairing in caviar connoisseur circles – the crisp flavours and exquisite bubbles of the champagne creates a balance to the saltiness and silky richness that the caviar exudes. You will be spoiled with these delicacies at Aquatir, one of the biggest sturgeon complexes from Europe.

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Black caviar tasting
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In addition to being the Soviet theme park of the unrecognized Transnistria, Tiraspol is also home to Aquatir, one of the largest sturgeon breeding facility in Europe. This place has a tradition about black caviar, as Moldova is located in the Black Sea region, waters of which historically harboured the sturgeon.


During the tour you will learn intriguing facts about sturgeon and the special technology used for fish farming. The most distinctive feature of their black caviar is the fact that the farm uses only salt and no other preservatives. This way they can keep the unique and natural taste of the caviar. The tour will end up with a professional caviar and champagne tasting, which will delight all of your senses.