Litra Crafted Beer Tour in Chisinau

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Moldova's long lasting tradition of winemaking has unfairly shadowed our love for beer. Along famous wineries, now you can discover family owned breweries like Litra. During this tour you will taste unique selections like Chocolate Porter, Pumpkin Ale and the one-and-only Tyask Cuvee, a combination of grape, malt and hops that push you to the extreme boundary between beer and wine.

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After a 15 minutes transfer from the city center, we arive at Litra, a family owned microbrewery renowned for its exclusive selections of crafted beer. We will meet the owner and go on an in-depth tour of the brewery, find out what stands behind his passion and explore the complex brewing process.

You will learn that at the heart of Litra Brewing's beer production lies Reinhetsgebot, the Bavarian beer purity law. It says that beer can be produced by using only 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. The only deviation they can afford from Reinhetsgebot is the addition of fruits grown in Moldova or natural spices for their seasonal beers. We’ll round off the tour with the tasting of freshly brewed beer and a long chat with the brewer.