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Casa Parinteasca Crafts

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Tour Description

Handicraft plays a special role in creating our cultural heritage. Starting with wooden spoons and finishing with large carpets, all these handmade pieces of art are part of our daily life. Join this tour and discover our skilled craftsmen.
The day will start with a spiritual visit to Hirjauca Monastery, which is located in Codri Forests, at about 70 km north-west of Chisinau. Dating back to 1840, this holy place used to be surrounded by lakes, fountains and paths in a well designed park. The architecture of the monastery is quite interesting as the monastery is arranged in the form of horseshoe. Once entered the gates you fill follow a lane lined by poplars that leads to the main church. It is here where you will find the miraculous icon, riddled by the bullets of the Soviet soldiers. After visiting the church, you can have a hike in the old beech forest and try the mineral water from the local lively springs.
Later on, we will explore Casa Parinteasca Crafts Centre, located in Palanca village. You will be welcomed by Tatiana Popa, the heart of this rural household. It says that there are people who bless the place and this is the case. Tatiana Popa has turned her family home into a handicraft workshop, offering you the possibility to admire the old Moldavian customs and traditions. You will have the chance to learn about the unique technique of carpet weaving, called “covorul in bumbi”. A forgotten tradition, but revived by the Casa Parintească. These handicrafts have recently served as inspiration for renowned designers in Europe.
Weaving goes better with music. So, local children will offer us a short but emotional performance, dressed in traditional costumes. After the performance, you will have a great opportunity to discover a unique in Moldova culinary route by bike. Palanca Delights is a route that connects several households in Palanca village. Here you will be invited to taste locally produced brandy and fruit liqueurs, jams and marmalades, cheeses and processed vegetables. All products are being prepared by households from ecologically pure fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. The route will take you back to Casa Parinteasca Crafts Centre, where you will have some traditional peasant food, typical for the Palanca village, served with herbal tea and homemade wine.
To sum up a great day in Codri region, we will have a very sweet last stop at Casa Mierii guesthouse. In the village of Răciula, near the monastery with the same name, Stegărescu family opened a honey house, where guests can see a small family of bees through the glass wall of a hive and taste a huge variety of honey products. Moldavian honey is natural and tasty, and the familiarization with the production process is a captivating and unique experience.

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