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Chateau Vartely Ice Wine

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Our explorations will start with a visit to Curchi Monastery, one of the most important architectural monuments in Moldova. Towering over the landscape and looking quite formal when contrasted with the folk-art decorated homes in route to it, the Baroque structure’s cardinal-coloured exterior complements the clear blue skies and varied greens of the surrounding forest. The monastery has a rich religious and cultural past spanning more than two centuries. Its main church, the cathedral Naşterea Domnului, was designed in 1872 by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Inside you will discover one of the highest dome in Moldova.
In the afternoon you will be offered lunch at Vatra Stramoseasca guesthouse in Vatici village, few minutes away from the monastery. Besides delicious homemade food, this place delivers authentic experiences related to countryside hospitality and traditions. You will learn about the lifestyle of the Moldovan families in XVI-XVIII centuries when strolling the local museum.
Culinary traditions are slowly replaced with winemaking. Next stop – Chateau Vartely, a wine resort located in the centre of Moldova. It is one of Moldova’s newest wineries. European standards, professional service and special programs are defining Chateau Vartely. The winery is equipped with the latest winemaking technology and produces a range of fine wines. Premium segment is proudly represented by the selection of ice wines, created from Muscat Ottonel, Riesling and Traminer varieties.
A sip of chilled ice wine will send a shiver down your spine. That is not just the cool sugary embrace of the golden liquid, or the tingle of crisp acidity. It is the very thought of winter-time grape pickers heading out at night to pull the hard bullets of frozen grapes from stiff frosty vines. Chateau Vartely ice wines have an extraordinary intensity. When a winery presses the super-ripe frozen fruit, only a concentrated syrup oozes out to be fermented, because much of the water is retained as ice. For a few, the resulting wine is simply much too sweet. But to its fans, ice wine gives a quite extraordinary joy.
The resort has several tasting rooms, one where guests can try Vartely wines alongside similarly priced wines from renowned wine regions of the world. The winery boasts an on-site restaurant, serving national and European cuisine. Chateau Vartely also has a small but excellent hotel complex with views of Orhei. A huge inner yard and a recreation area are specially designed for you to feel free and relaxed within nature.

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