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Cricova Sparkling Cellars

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Tour Description

Most probably, your adventure in our country will start with a tour to discover Chisinau – the capital of Moldova. Being one of the leafiest capital cities in Europe, Chisinau is the country’s main tourist destination, with beautiful Orthodox churches, museums and parks offering free wi-fi – a real life saver to any traveller. Locals call it the White Stone Flower, as many of the older building are of white limestone. Although Chisinau suffered two World Wars, the city saved its beauty with buildings designed by famous Russian architects, such as Bernardazzi and Sciusev. During the city tour we will get familiar with the Moldavian history, culture, architecture, and everyday life.
At noon, we continue the journey with tasting our national cuisine at a local restaurant. Vatra Neamului is a place where appetite for flavour and culture are both equally satisfied. The restaurant offers a great angle of contemporary, Romanian-inspired fish, meat and soup dishes, accompanied with a large wine list.
After lunch, we are heading to Cricova, one of the few wineries in the world that still produce sparkling wines according to the traditional Champenoise method. The wine ageing is done fully in the underground cellars, boasting 70 km in total length. Hided at a depth of 80 meters, endless lines of stands are holding the bottles at a certain angle. Once a day a team of women shake the thousands of bottles a few degrees, such that the angle gradually increases. They keep on doing it for three years. After that, sludge is being removes and cork replaced all that by freezing the neck of the bottle.
Cricova hosts also an outstanding collection of legendary wines both local and foreign. Wine storage in Cricova was initiated with the collection of nazi officer Göring, which was transferred to Moldova as compensation for war damage. Currently it is home to 1.2 mln bottles and 640 types of wine. The oldest wine in the collection and the only one of its kind in the world is the wine „Easter Jerusalem”, produced in just one batch in 1902.
Obviously, the sparkling cellars became an exclusive meeting place for famous people. The legend says that Vladimir Putin celebrated his birthday here. Also Jurij Gagarin, famous astronaut, has visited Cricova and after getting lost in the cellars for few days when he found the way out he said that it was easier for him to get off the ground than to get out of Cricova cellars.
Now it is your turn to taste the sparkling magic in one of Cricova tasting halls and find out the bubbles history.

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