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On this day, we will take time to travel to the south of Moldova, where history and winemaking are living hand in hand. During our first stop, we will explore the 17th century Assumption of Our Lady Church. It is the oldest surviving building in Causeni, a small town located 70 km from Chisinau. Moreover, it is the only church in Moldova with wall frescos and candidate to UNESCO heritage. Its actual shape dates from the reconstruction made between 1763 and 1767. The interior is rich in wall painted frescos of the specific style of the late Romanian Hurez school. An interesting fact is that the church is half buried in the ground. The explanation is found in a legend from the Tartar period, which says, that the Tatars allowed the building of Christian churches, which did not exceed the height of a soldier on horseback.
Our adventure will continue with the hot spot of the day – Et Cetera Winery. Besides the well-known worldwide underground wine cities, lately in Moldova many boutique wineries have emerged. Et Cetera is a small family-owned winery where they believe that love and care is the key of family’s well-being. For more than a decade, three generations of Luchianov Family take care of the land, which pays back with great harvest. Winemaking is in their vanes as they control each winemaking process from growing eco grapes, fermentation and ageing in oak until serving the product to their guests at the restaurant of their winery.
First you will take a tour of the winery, were you will follow the most important parts of the winemaking process directly from the owner and winemaker Alexandru Luchianov. He explains how grapes are collected manually in small baskets and how their workers sort them carefully. Only the best grapes are lucky enough to enter the cellars where they get fermented. In case you are visiting the winery during late summer or early autumn, you will have the possibility to participate in the harvest process. The wine tasting starts in the Et Cetera’s modern winery where you can taste young wines straight from the barrels.
Later on, you will enjoy the lunch in their cosy restaurant, on the wineries’ terrace or in the vineyards. Panoramic windows give you the opportunity to admire surrounding vineyards and let the huge amount of natural light in. Et Cetera menu contains all the best regional recipes, which are made only from local products. Main player of their cuisine is delicious and tender placinte made with love by the owner’s mother.
After the lunch, the host will be giving a master class on making the Bride’s Placinta, a traditional pie for the south of Moldova that delivers amazing experience of taste and tradition. While the pie is being cooking, you’ll enjoy a wine tasting to discover their collection of best white, rose and red wines. And, because at Et Cetera each day is a holiday, we’ll taste their new product – the sparkling wine. During free time, grab one of the winery’s bikes and check surrounding orchards. Depending on the season, you might find cherries, peaches or plums.

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