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Mamaliga Mania

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Travelers to Moldova have for centuries been impressed by the beautiful landscapes, which stretch over territories between the Nistru and Prut Rivers. The varied relief of the country allows one to enjoy the river canyons, imposing forest-covered hills, and ancient coral reefs stranded on pristine steppes. Many of these areas are protected as prime examples of Moldova’s distinctive natural heritage
We will start the day by driving 65 km North West of Chisinau to explore one of the most beautiful nature reserve in Moldova – Plaiul Fagului or the ‘land of Beeches’.  A former hunting reserve, the national park is dense with beech, oak, ash and hornbeam trees, along with 900 different species of plants. It makes up part of the greater Cordu Forest – an immense eco system home to over 140 types of bird and 40 animal species. Famous for its varying landscape, you will find steep-sloped valleys alongside the clear water springs, which feed off the Bic River. Equally, the reserve is near to Balanesti hill, which stands at 480m above sea level and is the highest peak in Moldova. Together with the forester, we will enjoy a two-hour hike in the forest to discover the most hidden and beautiful places.
We will continue our adventure at Bahmut Club, a modern and traditional at the same time resort & camping site. Opened in 2016, it features some nice restaurant, wooden houses scattered in the forest and great surroundings. Moldavian culture is one of its biggest treasures; that is why you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy local traditional music and dance performance. After the show, you will discover how to make probably the most important national food of all time. On a fire pit.
You cannot say you know the taste of Moldova until you try authentic mamaliga. Steaming hot with an earthy, caramelised smell, it will send you back to childhood. Whoever says that mamaliga is just like polenta, they are very wrong. It is not that fancy Italian dish. In fact, it is very simple and called the peasant’s food. Which means it can be cooked with very little and does not even require skills or special pots. An extremely simple recipe, it is boiled corn meal. Things get complicated only when it has to be served – since mamaliga is sticky and will stick to a knife when fresh, please cut it with a sewing thread. Being a staple food on the Moldovan table, it is served as an accompaniment to stews and meat dishes and frequently garnished with brinza, sour cream, and sometimes fried or scrambled eggs. Last but not least, good mamaliga goes with a glass of good homemade wine. And here you are lucky, as Bahmut Club has its own wine cellar.

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