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Roll Over Sarmale

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While in Moldova, prepare yourself for an adventurous day outside Chisinau to fully enjoy the beauty of the countryside. We will be heading to the northern part of Moldova, in search of authentic culinary traditions. As the highlight of the day is sarmale – one of our gastronomic delights – we will go straight to Hanul lui Hanganu guesthouse where you will enjoy a full day of new experiences.
Hanul Lui Hanganu guesthouse is situated in Lalova village, 100 km north from Chisinau. Next to Nistru River, the residence is the perfect choice for a quiet, full of emotions and positive energy holiday. Hanul lui Hanganu is one of the first guesthouses in Moldova and with the oldest traditions in making sarmale. Sarmale is a dish of grape or cabbage leaves rolled around a filling usually based on minced meat with rise and spices. Sarmale is a meal that is traditionally eaten on holidays like Christmas Eve or Easter. Our today’s host, Mrs. Emilia, will teach you how to make the smallest sarmale ever. In Moldova they say, the smallest sarmale is, the better housewife you are J
While sarmale are being cooked, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a short tour of the guesthouse courtyard and garden, discover the cellar and taste some homemade treats and wines. Also, you can take an unforgettable trip up on the Nistru River and visit one of the oldest monastic establishments in Moldova – Tipova Monastery. It is also considered the largest cave monastery in Eastern Europe. The heritage, which consists of three monastic complexes carved into the rock at an astounding altitude, represents an impressive museum in the open air. The first complex consists of a church named for the feast of the Holy Cross and some cells dating from XI century. It is far from the other two and hardly accessible. The second monastic complex hosts the St. Nicholas church and was carved in XIV century. The third complex dates from the XVI century and includes 18 separate rooms joined via an interior passage.
The most popular legend is that this monastery was the place where Stephen cel Mare, the most prominent ruler of Moldova, secretly married his fourth wife Maria Voichita, and that her ghost can be seen lurking around the premises. Other legends tell that this monastery is the entrance to Hades, where Orpheus went to retrieve his wife Eurydice, and after his failed attempt decided to stay and live there. According to the legend, this is where he died and that his tomb is located near one of the local waterfalls.
It’s time to sail the boat back to Hanul lui Hanganu guesthouse and have lunch. You will enjoy your handmade sarmale served with house sour cream at a beautiful terrace while viewing the quiet and lovely Nistru River. You can also choose from a great variety of just-picked fresh veggies and baked meat while sipping a glass of homemade wine, which will make this day unforgettable. Roll over sarmale!

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