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Royal Blends of Purcari

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On this day, we will take time to travel to the south of Moldova, where history and winemaking are living hand in hand. During our first stop, we will explore the 17th century Assumption of Our Lady Church. It is the oldest surviving building in Causeni, a small town located 70 km from Chisinau. Moreover, it is the only church in Moldova with wall frescos and candidate to UNESCO heritage. Its actual shape dates from the reconstruction made between 1763 and 1767. The interior is rich in wall painted frescos of the specific style of the late Romanian Hurez school. An interesting fact is that the church is half buried in the ground. The explanation is found in a legend from the Tartar period, which says, that the Tatars allowed the building of Christian churches, which did not exceed the height of a soldier on horseback.
After one more hour heading south, we find ourselves in the cradle of winemaking in Moldova. This is where it all began. Founded in 1827, Purcari Cellars are a refined treasure. Nestled in the countryside unfurling between the Dniester River and the Black Sea, the estate, built in the style of French chateau, lets you experience the atmosphere of calm and luxury, and discover the innermost secrets of the creation of the legendary Purcari wines. For a long time, Purcari wines were as popular as Bordeaux or Burgundy wines. The wine was served to Emperor Nicholas II as well as King George V and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. In the mansion’s galleries the best collection of Purcari wines are gathered and stored, with samples, dating from 1948. The wine gallery will charm you with neatly arranged bottles, covered with thin filaments of noble dust.
At the chateau, great wines will naturally meet with great gastronomic experiences. A la carte food accompanied by wonderful Purcari wines will be appreciated by food connoisseurs and discerning travelers. The tour of surrounding vineyards will complete the picture – the fresh air, the sea breeze and the vines grown based upon the strictest canons of French viticulture will reveal you the secrets of Purcari wines. Nearby lakes offer fishing, boating, and other relaxing pursuits that will definitely reinforce your senses.
By the end of the day, you will have a great opportunity to make your own blend of their emblematic Negru de Purcari. A well-known blend of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and the local variety Rara Neagra, which is produced exclusively in the delimited area of Purcari, in Stefan Voda region. In 1878 it gained its first medal at the International Exhibition of Paris, and later on, during the USSR, this was the only wine of Moldova allowed to bear a label in English, as it was exported to the West. The wine is maturated for at least 18 months in oak barrels and stands out by a refined bouquet with notes of plum, chocolate and figs, which develop in time, opening up fine aromas of crocus.

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