Chisinau Cherry Liqueur Tour

Half day
of adventure
Displayed price is available in case of a group of 10 persons.

This is not a regular tour of Chisinau. Apart from the main highlights of the city and its hidden yards, you will unveil a small pub, serving delicious cherry liqueur in a private atmosphere.

Cherry liqueur tasting
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We will start this experience with a walking guided tour of Chisinau, the country’s main travel destination. While the city was founded in 1420, much of Chisinau was flatten in WWII. The Soviet conquerors reshaped it into what you see today: Stalinist architecture blended with gloriously modernism from the later Soviet period and a bit of pre-war monuments. You will discover beautiful churches, museums, parks and get familiar with the local history, culture and everyday life.

After the tour, you will be rewarded with a glass of authentic liqueur and some drunk cherries in a cosy pub. Piana Vyshnia is a place for those who prefer a special attitude, treasure the feelings and great memories.