Kvint Cognac and Chocolate Tour in Transnistria

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Chocolates and a bottle is possibly one of the most classic gift-combos. But if you think that getting it right is easy, you’ve got another thing coming! Knowing which chocolate goes with which cognac is an art in itself and finding the perfect pairing is technical, but worth it. During this tour you will learn from a Kvint Factory sommelier how the refined taste of cognac and the rich aroma of chocolate can make a perfect combination.

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Our unusual gastronomic experience takes place in Tiraspol, the main city of the unrecognized Transnistria. Here we will spend at least 2 hours in Kvint, a famous cognac company that keeps 11 million litres of spirits aged from 1 to 60 years and offers a great freedom to local masters for developing new flavours since 1897. We will take you around the company museum, their modern assembly line and the huge collection of barrels.


Of course, no tour in a distillery would be complete without a tasting. But not a regular one. With the help of a sommelier, you will unveil the perfect pairing between cognac and chocolate. Be sure that, after this experience, your friends will be thrilled by your gift-combos.